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A little about us:

We are also associated with the Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office and federal agencies under federal legislation that, in 1980, established the Certified Local Government Program (CLG). This program offers small assistance grants and forges a relationship between local, state and national preservation networks.

On these pages, you'll find information about our members and our current and future projects as well as photographs and information about Natrona County and the State of Wyoming. You'll also find links to other agencies and interesting sites. We hope you'll find this site useful and interesting and return often.


The Historic Preservation Commission provides direction and support for historical research and preservation in Natrona County. This board is not maintained by county offices. The Commission was established by the Natrona County Board of County Commissioners in 1986 and operates as a recognized CLG Board for Natrona County. The Certified Local Government (CLG) Program is where local, state, and federal governments work together in the Federal Preservation Program to help communities save the irreplaceable historic character of places. Through the certification process, communities make a local commitment to historic preservation. This commitment is key to America’s ability to preserve, protect, and increase awareness of our unique cultural heritage found in the built environment across the country.

The State of Wyoming

The State of Wyoming

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About our state:

Known world-wide for its scenic vistas and its Western and Native American heritage; from the towering Grand Tetons and Yellowstone to the wide open plains to the desolation of Hells Half Acre, you won't find a greater variety of landscapes anywhere than in Wyoming.

For the sportsperson, you'll find year-round outdoor recreation from world-class fly fishing to hundreds of thousands of acres of the finest skiing and snowmobiling country around to winter rock climbing on the renowned naturally-warmed cliffs at Sinks Canyon State Park. Our big-game hunting is unparalleled and if you'd rather hunt wildlife or nature with a lens or brush and canvas, Wyoming has always been a favorite of the masters.

If your interests are in American, Western or Native American history, you won't find a richer source. From the Plains Indians who made their lives here before the white man, to those brave pioneers who etched their names into Independence Rock along the Oregon Trail, to the historic forts and still-observed Mountain Man Rendezvous, our American heritage has been carefully preserved in hundreds of museums, parks and historic sites across the state. If truly ancient peoples and animal life is more your area of interest, Wyoming boasts several of the best-known archaeological and paleontological finds and projects in the world.

In short, whatever your interests, you'll find Wyoming rich in rugged beauty, history and culture, as well as surprisingly strong in industry and technology. What's more, you'll find some of the friendliest people you'll ever meet waiting to show you the way. For more information on Wyoming.