Not A Trace: Teapot Townsite
How to find it: Continue north on State Route 259 for about six miles (ten miles from the junction of I-25 and 259) and look for a gravel road with gate leaving the highway and trending southeast. Just south of the gravel road and along the east side of the highway was the townsite of Teapot. The site is loacted on private land but can be viewed from the junction of the highway and the gravel road. (NE/SW Section 31, T39N-R78W)

Oil DerekAbout the site: Teapot was established in 1922 along the old Casper-Salt Creek Highway as a residential and commercial area for workers in the Teapot Dome fields. It was located on a parcel of land homesteaded by John Beaton in 1912. According to Alfred Mokler, early Natrona County newspaper man and historian, Teapot was added to the map of Natrona County on August 11, 1922, when more than 1000 town lots, which had been surveyed and platted as a townsite along the Casper-Salt Creek highway, were put on the market by the Teapot Development Company. The townsite consisted of the 160 acres comprising John Beaton's homestead "...and is one of the very few pieces of land inside of the Teapot Oil structure upon which a patent has been issued with no royalty restrictions."