A Symbol of Scandal: Teapot Rock
How to find it: About 4.5 miles north of the junction of I-25 and State Route 259, a unique geologic structure known as Teapot Rock dominates the landscape just east of the highway. Teapot Ranch is nestled at its base (E-1/2 Section 27,T38N-R79W)

Oil DerekAbout the site: This landmark was so distinctive with its handle and spout that the nearby Teapot dome Oil Field was named after it. Unfortunately, the rock has lost both its characteristic spout and handle over the years to the elements. The handle was the first to go; Pauline Schultz, curator of the Salt Creek Museum in Midwest, says that the spout was destroyed during a tornado sometime after theis histric photograph was taken. At this point, the great oil-bearing sands of the Teapot Dome and the Salt Creek field are several miles to the north.