Split Rock
View of Split Rock from Bureau of Land Management interpretive site. Location: The formation called Split rock is located in Natrona county near the Fremont County line. The Bureau of Land Management interpretive pullout for Split Rock is actually located in Fremont county on the north side of US Route 287/789 about 8.5 miles northwest of Muddy Gap (Highway 220).

WagonHistory: Split Rock, a massive, northeast trending granite outcrop, rises 1100 feet above the adjacent Sweetwater River. A very conspicuous, approximately 150-foot deep, narrow cleft, is present at its summit. Split rock was the westernmost of the three granite landmarks along the Sweetwater river. The others are Independence rock and Devil's Gate. Emigrants viewed Split Rock for a day while approaching it and for two days after passing it. Judge William A. Carter remarked on Split Rock in his diary on November 5, 1857, "Our camp was near what is called the split in the rock, a remarkable cleft in the top of the mountain which can be seen a great distance from either direction." Good grass and water were available here, and wagon ruts are still visible just west of the pullout.