Prospect Hill/Ryan Hill
View of Oregon Trail ruts, ascending Prospect/Ryan Hill, looking west from Prospect/Ryan Hill (County Road 319) Location: Approximately 16 miles southwest of the intersection of Poison Spider Road and County Road 319 (Oregon Trail Road); summit is located about 1.5 miles southwest of Willow Springs.

WagonHistory: After leaving Willow Springs, emigrants toiled up the 400-foot ascent of Prospect/Ryan Hill along a sharply crested ridge. The name "Prospect Hill" may have originated with William Clayton, who described it in his 1848 guidebook, Prospect Hill (Summit). "Pleasant view of the surrounding country to the Sweet water mountains." the name was also acknowledged by J. Goldsborough Bruff in his diary in 1849,
In one mile from the last camp (Willow Spring) we ascended a high hill, from the summit of which is a grand prospect of the surrounding country, and hence it is named 'Prospect Hill...