Saleratus (Playa) Lake/Sweetwater Pony Express Station
Saleratus (Playa) Lake Location: Approximately 8.5 miles southwest of the intersection of the Oregon Trail Road(County Road 319) and State Highway 220; about 1.6 miles northeast of Independence Rock. The lake is located on the north side of the Oregon Trail and almost one mile southeast of the highway.

WagonHistory: The alkali deposits at Saleratus Lake provided the Mormons with a raw form of baking soda. william Clayton advised emigrants in his 1848 Guide to gather "saleratus" but noted that the water was poisonous. One emigrant party in June 1847 noted that "the efflorescent white bicarbonate of soda" made bread of a "suspiciously green cast" if not used in moderation. Sir richard Burton described Saleratus Lake during his travels in 1860.