New Lavoye: The Palm Beach of wyoming
How to find it: Continue north about one mile from the Teapot townsite. Just south of the turnoff to the Naval Reserve (Teapot Dome) and along a curve of teh highway is the site of another vanished oil town, New Lavoye. The site is located on private property but can be seen from the highway. The onlyb clue to its location is the unexpected sight of an empty swimming pool on teh east side of teh highway. (SE/SE Section 30, SW/SW Section 29, T39N-R78W)

Oil DerekAbout the site: New Lavoye consisted of many buildings that were moved from old Lavoye (Site No.6), when those residents were evicted by the Ohio Oil Company.. Like Teapot, it was also located along the old Casper-Salt Creek Highway. Many of the Old Lavoye residents simply jacked up their houses, put wheels under them, and moved them to New Lavoye, where they laid out the streets and positioned the houses to imitate the old town. A post office was established at New Lavoye on April 1, 1924, and was discontinued on September 7, 1929. Although it was short-lived town, New Lavoye had a mineral water swimming pool, stores, theater, and dance hall. At first drinking water was hauled in by tank trucks from Casper. By the early 1930s the town had passed its prime, but photographs from that time still show many standing buildings. The buildings were eventually moved to Edgerton and Salt Creek to make room for more drilling.