Midwest Cemetery
How to find it: The Midwest Cemetery is somewhat isolated from the main oil field. From Canadian Camp, return to the highway; turn west (left) and proceed about 1.1 mile; turn south on oil field road. Continue south about .5 mile; there is a small building labeled "A9" on the east side of the road. Bear southwest then west about 1.1 mile to the cemetery. (NW/SE Section 21, T40N-R79W) Oil DerekAbout the site: The cemetery retains numerous graves, most of which date from 1926-1936. The graves are marked with unique metal markers provided by the oil company. A few of the individual graves are set off from the others by small fenced plots. Many of the markers indicate the high infant mortality rate of earlier days. The cemetery was closed in about 1936, and most people were then buried in Casper.