Martin's Cove
Martin's Cove, view looking north across Sweetwater river from monument located two miles southwest of Mormon Hand Cart visitor Center. Location: Approximately two to three miles northwest of Devil's Gate. The mormon Handcart Visitor Center is located three miles east of the actual site of Martin's Cove, but visitors can hike to the cove for the best view of Devil's Gate and can also hike to the entrance of the "gate" on newly constructed pathways. The road to the Mormon Hand Cart Visitor Center exits Highway 220 at a point located 0.75 mile southwest of the entrance to the Bureau of Land Management's interpretive center at Devil's Gate. The distance from highway 220 to the mormon Hand Cart visitor Center is approximately one mile. the Visitor Center is located a the former headquarters of the Sun Ranch. A pathway leads from the Visitor center to Martin's Cove. The round trip on the pathway is approximately five miles. Handcarts are available so visitors can relive the experience of traveling the trail with one of the two-wheeled carts.

WagonHistory: In early 1856, Mormon converts from England sailed from Liverpool, then traveled across American by train, wagon, and handcart to a new home in Salt Lake City. A handcart was a two-wheeled wooden wagon, similar in design to an oversized wheelbarrow and could carry 400-500 pounds of provisions. "Handcart pioneers" could make the entire trip from Liverpool to the Salt Lake Valley for less then $45, in weeks less time, and with fewer casualties than those using costly covered wagons. Ten handcart companies composed of 2962 pioneers (three percent of the total Mormon migration) journeyed to Salt Lake city between 1856 and 1860.