Lewis Camp (Camp No. 3)
How to find it: Return to the highway (State Route 387) and turn east toward Midwest. Turn north onto the oil field road located about .1 mile west of the Salt Creek bridge. Proceed north about .6 mile; at a junction bear right; Lewis Camp is about .1 mile to the northeast, located on a gentle slope with several hand-planted trees. (SW/NW Section 13, T40N-R79W)

Oil DerekAbout the site: Lewis Camp once contained four roos of twenty-five houses with landscaped trees and hedges, some of which still mark this site. Although all of the oil camps were dismantled, this remains one of the better preserved with 54 building depressions/foundation. Two north-south streets and three east-west streets can still be seen. The relative importance of Lewis Camp can be inferred frorm its concrete sidewalks, a sewer system with man-hole covers and cisterns, and plumbing and natural gas systems.