Jackass (IBA) Spring
How to find it: This site represents one of the first oil seeps discovered in the Salt Creek Oil Field. It was located along the east bank of Salt Creek, and although the seep no longer exists, its approximate location can be identified along the bluffs on the east side of Salt Creek and can be viewed from the highway bridge that crosses Salt Creek on State Route 387 north of Midwest. (SE/SW Section 13, T40N-R79W)

Oil DerekAbout the site: This oil seep was brought to the white man's attention by a Native American who brought oil to Fort Fetterman to be used as an ointment for treating horses. The seeps suggested the presence of larger oil reserves at Salt Creek. This discovery, known as Jackass Spring, was covered by the first location notice field in the Salt Creek Field. It was also known as Iba Spring, after Cy Iba one of the early developers of the field (see "Pioneers of the Field").