Independence Rock
Independence Rock, view looking northwest from Highway 220 rest area. Location: At mile marker 63 on State Highway 220; approximately ten miles southwest of the intersection of Oregon Train Road (County Road 319) and State Highway 220. A large rest area complex is present along Highway 220 at Independence Rock. The complex contains an interpretive center, within a kiosk, that concerns the history of the Oregon Trail and Independence Rock. A paved footpath leads from the kiosk to Independence Rock. Well-preserved ruts of the Oregon Trail lie along the pathway, just beyond the kiosk. The ruts lie beneath a wooden foot bridge that was built to protect them.

WagonHistory: This was the most noted landmark on the Oregon Trail west of Fort laramie. Emigrants endeavored to reach this spot by July 4 in order to complete their journey before winter. Many believed that Independence Rock marked the halfway point to Oregon, but they were actually well short of that mark. It was a traditional camping spot, and hundreds of pioneers carved their names on the large turtle-shaped rock.