Horse Creek (Greasewood)
View of Horse Creek (Greasewood), looking northwest. Location: On County Road 319 (Oregon Trail Road) ten miles southwest of the summit of Prospect/Ryan Hill; near the junction of Horse Creek and fish Creek about three miles northeast of Highway 220.

WagonHistory: To emigrants on the Trails System, this small stream was known as both Sage Creek and Greasewood Creek. When a Pony Express stop was established here in 1860, it became known as Horse Creek. It was also the location of a stage stop. Brigham Young's company was camped about 1.5 miles downstream when party members Wilford Woodruff and John Brown disappeared. It was later learned that the missing pair stumbled upon a group of pioneers from Missouri and accepted an invitation to spend the night at that camp. Wilford Woodruff subsequently wrote about this experience.