Devil's Gate
Devil's Gate, view from Bureau of Land Management interpretive pullout. Location: Near mile marker 57 on State Route 220, about 60 miles southwest of Casper and 12 miles northeast of Muddy Gap. There is a Bureau of Land Management interpretive pullout on the north side of the highway, 5.8 miles southwest of Independence Rock.

WagonHistory: The Sweetwater River has carved a narrow cleft 370 feet deep and 1500 feet long through a rocky ridge that is part of the Sweetwater Rocks. Wagons were forced to travel around the cleft, but the emigrants often stopped to hike among the rocks and inscribe their names. Several emigrant graves are also located in the area. John c. Fremont viewed Devil's Gate on August 2, 1842, and noted,
The name Devil's Gate apparently was quite new. Father DeSmet went to the mountains in 1840 without mentioning it, but on his second journey, in a letter dated 16 August 1841, he said that "travelers have named this spot the Devil's Entrance."