Canadian Camp
How to find it: From the highway junction at Midwest, follow Route 387 west toward I-25 for about 1.5 miles. Cross Salt Creek on a modern highway bridge, continue about .2 mile, then turn south on oil field road. Follow road that leads west then southwest for about .5 mile; the site is found by locating a few isolated hand-planted cottenwood trees. The immediate area has been intensively exploited for oil, and there are dozens of operating and abandoned wells visible from and within the site. (NE/SW Section 23, T40N-R79W)

Oil DerekAbout the site: Canadian Camp, also known as Camp No. 4, does not appear on historic maps until 1920, when it consisted of one row of seven buildings, probably the tarpaper shacks built by a small group of Canadians that were standing when the Midwest Company established its camp here in 1921. the company built six 3-room cottages, a large boardinghouse, a boiler house and an office, and the older buildings were moved to a nearby auxiliary camp. Initially called Camp No. 3, Midwest was renamed Camp No. 4 and was the headquarters of District No. 4. Canadian Camp was one of the larger outlying camps, and during its peak in the 1920s, had a population of 700 to 800.