Avenue of Rocks/Devil's Backbone/Clayton's Slough
Avenue of Rocks, view looking southwest. Location: Stop No. 10 is located on County Road 319. To reach Stop No. 10 from Stop No. 9 (Emigrant Gap), travel west from the Bureau of Land Management Interpretive Site for 1.4 miles to the intersection with County Road 12. Turn right (north) and travel westerly for 1.8 miles to the intersection with County Road 319. Turn left and proceed southwesterly for 7.2 miles to Stop No. 10. About two miles before reaching Avenue of Rocks there is a Bureau of Land Management concrete marker on the east side of the road, indicating the convergence of the two Oregon Trail variations (the Bessemer Bend route and the Emigrant Gap route). Clayton Slough lies approximately two miles beyond Avenue of Rocks.

WagonHistory: Sir Richard Burton, world traveler and adventurer, in 1860 said,
...we descended a steep hill, and were shown the Devil's Backbone. It is a jagged, broken ridge of huge sandstone boulders, tilted up edgeways, and running in a line over the crest of a long roll of land...like the vertebrae of some great sea-serpent.
This site was a conspicuous landmark on the Oregon Trail where the road ran between a ridge and a ragged ridge of rock. This feature was often described in emigrant diaries, not only because it was an imposing sight, but also because of the difficulty of crossing the hogback with wagons.