Salt Creek and Teapot Dome: The Tour

This self-guided tour is most easily followed from south to north, beginning at the junction of Interstate 25 and State Route 259, located about twenty-two miles north of Casper. The tour terminates at the town of Midwest. the following sites are included in the tour of the Salt Creek Oil Field area, listed roughly from south to north:
  1. A Symbol of Scandal: Teapot Rock
  2. Not a Trace: Teapot Townsite
  3. New Lavoye: The Palm Beach of Wyoming
  4. Teapot dome (Naval Petroleum Reserve): Watergate of the 1920s
  5. Pumping Station/Storage Tank Facility
  6. Old Lavoye: Picked Up and Moved
  7. The North-South Railroad: Remnants of a Grand Scheme
  8. Gas Plant Camp, Midwest's Major Suburb
  1. Salt Creek Oil Field Interpretive Sign and Oil Derrick
  2. Canadian Camp Site
  3. Midwest Cemetery
  4. Lewis Camp (Camp No. 3)
  5. Jackass (IBA) Spring
  6. The First Well: Shannon Pool Oil Field; Shannon Camp
  7. A Monument to Engineering: The Midwest Electric Plant
  8. Midwest: Where "Democracy and Fairness Predominates"
Safety and Etiquette:

The sites listed in this tour are located on both private and public land; however, they have been carefully selected so that visitors may view all of them without trespassing. Some of the roads on the tour are not paved or graveled and should be avoided during wet weather, and portions of the route may not be plowed in winter. Be aware of livestock on the road, deep ditches, and narrow bridges. Several of the sites are located in the active portion of the Salt Creek Oil Field. Much of this land is "public," that is, administered by the Bureau of Land Management, and although the active wells are leased by private concerns, visitors should not encounter any problems while visiting the sites on the tour.